Ruby Food– Mango Drink

Ruby Foods is the best beverage manufacturer in Tamil Nadu, known for offering high quality, low-cost beverages. Ruby Foods’ Zappy Apple juice is one of the most loved Apple Juices in Tamil Nadu, well-renowned for its authentic mango flavours. Zappy is an amazing carbonated apple juice that sparks symphony for apple lovers with a refreshing taste. If you truly love Apple, we guarantee you, you’ll enjoy its authentic flavours and refreshing taste. It keeps your heart healthy while keeping you hydrated. Ruby Mango is a Magical Mango juice that enchants you with the melodious symphony especially when you’re a Mango Lover. If you are an avid Mango Lover, we guarantee you, you’ll be more than glad to enjoy the authentic flavour of mango. Moreover, you can regulate your Cholesterol level, and improve your digestion by including it in your daily routine.

How is Ruby Fruit Drink - Mango bottled?

250 ml PET bottle

How close is Ruby Fruit Drink - Mango to you?

Ruby Fruit Drink - Mango is available all over Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka India.

  • • Water
  • • Sugar
  • • Mango Pulp
  • • Acidity Regulator-330,296
  • • Stabiliser-401
  • • Nature Identical
  • • Artificial Flavouring Substance
  • • Peservative-224,211
  • • Colour-E110
Energy 97 Kcal
Fat 0.03 g
Protein 0.39 g
Vitamin C 2.4 Mg
Calcium 4.7 Mg
Iron 0.12 ppm
Carbohydrates 16.22 g
Sugar 16.00 g


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