Moru Moru Thenkulal Murukku


Moru Moru Thenkulal Murukku

Moru Moru Thenkulal Murukku

Moru Moru Thenkulal murukku is a delicious snack that comes in beautiful packaging with multiple colors to choose from. Our specialty lies in making it in pure coconut oil, which is a rare find in the Thenkulal Murukku market. The unique taste of our Karaikudi Chettinad-style coconut rolls is sure to leave you wanting more. And the best part is we provide a continuous supply, ensuring that you never run out of this scrumptious treat.

Q. What is the weight of each packet of Moru Moru Thenkulal murukku?

A: 140g Packet

Q. In which states of India is Moru Moru Thenkulal murukku available?

A: Moru Moru Thenkulal murukku is primarily available in southern states of India, including Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Karnataka.

Other information :

Moru Moru Thenkulal murukku is a delicious snack that not only satisfies your cravings but also provides your body with the necessary nutrients. Made with pure coconut oil and packed with protein, energy, and carbohydrates, our snack is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a healthy and tasty treat. Whether you're on the go or enjoying a leisurely break, Moru Moru Thenkulal murukku is the snack that will keep you going.

Grab a 140g re-sealable packet, eat it, and feel great knowing you started well.

Price : Rs 85/-

  • • Rice Flour
  • • Pure Coconut Oil
  • • Gram Flour
  • • Cumin
Nutritional Information 100g (approx. value) Nutritional Information per 100g of serving % contribution of DV
Energy _Kcal _%
Protein _g
Carbohydrates _g
Total Sugars _g
Added Sugars _g _%
Total Fat _g _%
Saturated Fat NMT _g _%
Trans Fat NMT _g _%
Cholesterol _mg
Sodium _mg _%
*DV - Daily Value, NMT - Not More Than