Ruby jigarthanda


Ruby jigarthanda

Ruby Jigarthanda

Ruby Jigar Thanda is one of the best drink known for its high quality flavor and low price beverage. Jigar Thanda is a perfect flavored milk to help you simmer down the summer. It is a beautiful blend of Full Cream Milk and Vanilla that offers you the traditional Indian taste with modern packaging.

Ruby Jigar Thanda is renowned for its cooling properties. It is well-renowned for its health benefits like improved immune system and digestion. Ruby Jigar Thanda is the best beverage manufactured in Tamil Nadu.

How is Ruby Jigarthanda bottle

180 ml PP Bottle

How close is Ruby Jigarthanda to you?

Ruby Jigarthanda is available all over Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka India.

Price : Rs 45 per bottle

  • • Full Cream Milk
  • • Sugar
  • • Milk Powder
  • • Stabilizer(E-407, E-471, E-466)
  • • Edible Gum
  • • Food Colour E110
Energy 120 Kcal
Carbohydrates 22.6 g
Fat 4.5 g
Protein 2.1 g
Sodium 42.6mg
Potassium 190.2mg
Calcium 19.1 Mg
Zinc 0.25 Mg
Iron 0.12 Mg
Added Sugar 15g