Ruby Choco Milkshake

C for Chocolate:

C for Chocolate!!! Ruby Choco Milkshake is a perfect treat to your taste buds. Chocolate lovers, if you don’t have a strong heart, don’t try it. You will fall for it and second your loved ones. The enhanced taste of rich chocolate flavor drives you mad. The additional flavors in Ruby foods set you brake free. Say, “Hi!” to our nearest store to avail your bottle of lip-smacking Ruby Chocolate Milkshake and you will certainly frequent your visits and make a good friend with us.

How is Ruby Choco Milkshake bottled?

180ml Glass bottle

How close is Ruby Choco Milkshake to you?

Ruby Choco Milkshake is available all over Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka India.

  • • Toned Milk
  • • Sugar
  • • Coco Powder
  • • Stabiliser ( E-460,E-471,E-407,E-466)
  • • Salt
Energy 106 kcal
Carbohydrates 15.8 g
Fat 3.1 g
Protein 3.6g
Sodium 4.89mg
Potassium 48.5mg
Calcium 156 mg
Zinc 0.16 mg
Sugar 10g


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