Ruby Badam

Ruby Badam, a strong recommendation!

If you never knew that an easy way to reduce hunger and to lose weight was by choosing Badam, this is your moment to explore it. In a world where people seek more and large, there are a few numbers they always want to keep low: blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Ruby Badam stands as the answer. It’s an inimitable drink to put you in the right health. Would you be stunned to know that Ruby Badam is 10 years old now? Then, drop you jaw as we say that Ruby Foods introduced Badam Milk to the city of Madurai. Ruby Badam has raw nuts, pure milk, grinded cashew and loads of love added in PP bottles for you.

How is Ruby Badam Milk bottled?

180ml Glass bottle, 180ml PP Bottle

How close is Ruby Badam Milk to you?

Ruby Badam Milk is available all over Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka India.

  • • Double Toned Milk
  • • Sugar
  • • Badam
  • • Cashew
  • • Food Colour (E102)
Energy 103.9 kcal
Carbohydrates 18.05 g
Fat 1.50 g
Protein 3.55g
Sodium 156.2 mg
Potassium 143.8 mg
Calcium 129.9 mg
Zinc 0.27 mg
Sugar 15g


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