Ruby’s Legacy

About Us

At Ruby Foods, we celebrate the real goodness of nature’s best gifts i.e., fruits and nuts. We believe that real goodness requires a really good drink to go with it.

It all started in 1962, when Mr. Srinivasan desired to create a beverage that he could feel good about serving to people. Selling his home-made grape juice at a teeny-tiny local shop in Madurai, he made his way up to the leaders in beverage market. Today, Ruby basks in its own 5-decade-old glory of being renowned in some of the prominent cities of South India.

Over the years, we have modified ourselves in multiple ways in order to match the consumer requirements; such as adopting the latest trends in Processing Technology and Packaging, expanding our reach to cities across South India and so much more. Nevertheless, one thing remains the same, we stay true to our original purpose: Help people taste the best that nature has to offer.

We do this by simply doing what we do the best: blending the finest fruits, nuts, and dairy that Mother Nature offers into the tastiest, most nutritious juices one can imagine. We always make sure that this happens following the best food standards in the most sustainable ways possible.

Headquartered in Madurai, the Ruby team is obsessively involved with the entire process in the creation of the finest and healthiest drinks. From visiting, sourcing the best-tasting fruit, to being on-site for every single production run, to tasting each and every batch, we love the challenge that comes from working with real ingredients and making a product that stands out in a crowd.

We create it, we share it, we love it.


Our mission is to constantly manufacture wholesome drinks from the purest of the available nature’s goods and make them available to all the consumers in extremely cost-effective rates.

“Authentic nutrition and freshness are our top priorities, which is why our juices are of the highest quality.”


Our vision is to stand as a synonym of health and wellness nationally and it is what we determine to cater through our line of Ruby Food Products.