Having started operations in 1962, Ruby Foods has been serving as an indomitable supplier of beverages to the populace of Tamilnadu for 58 years. We offer a wide variety of flavors and products and that pleases our distributors and customers. Our distributors enjoy free transportation of our products every week. Thereby, we ensure a continuous flow of stock. Our free samples talk about our quality. The taste of our products share our success history over the past 6 decades. To be specific, the Badam Milk and Mango flavor of Ruby Foods stand highly competitive in the market for their unbeatable taste and economical pricing. Our friendly relationship with our dealers is noteworthy as it defines our triumphant journey. We prioritize the comfort of our leads by answering damages, spoilage and returns sensibly. Our distributors also rejoice preferences over the type of bottles and the products they feel would suit their market. Above all, our dealers have always felt more contented and satisfied with the support of our representatives/executives who act catalytic to the marketing of the products.

At Ruby Foods, we value customers and respect dealers. Welcome aboard as a revered Distributor to Ruby Foods!


Ruby Food
A-S-2 Industrial Estate,
K.Pudur Madurai,
Tamilnadu - 625 007,