Ruby Cashew Milk

Try Ruby Cashew Milk immediately because,

Ruby Foods is the pioneer of Cashew Milk as a drink. We have redefined the use of Cashews that was only limited to snacks and desserts. We simply opened up our research to check if Cashews could be sipped rather than chewed. We inferred that grinded cashews in right proportions with pure milk make it more tempting. You can’t ask for something that’s tasty, nutritious and healthy unless it is labelled, Ruby Cashew Milk. Try it next time and you will never find a last time.

How is Ruby Cashew Milk bottled?

200 ml Glass bottle

How close is Ruby Cashew Milk to you?

Ruby Badam Milk is available all over Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka India.

  • • Double Toned Milk
  • • Sugar
  • • Grinded Cashew
  • • Food Colour-E124
Energy 96 kcal
Carbohydrates 16.5 g
Fat 2.3 g
Protein 2.4 g
Vitamin C 1.1 mg
Calcium 63.1 mg
Iron 0.18 mg
Added Sugar 11 g


Ruby Food
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