Want more Calcium and minerals in your diet ? Just make your morning routine complete and wholesome with RUBY BADAM. Being a double toned milk, nurtured with Badam and Cashews, it serves to be the best dietic pick. With enough nutrients, anything is good. RUBY BADAM is there to make your breakfasts collective with all its inevitably good Protein, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium and Zinc – all in their apt and essential proportions. RUBY BADAM also soothes you on all your tedious days with its much effective and healthy energy rich Carbohydrate content. If your children are hesitant to have milk, delight them with RUBY BADAM. Having got less preservatives and tested flavouring agents, RUBY BADAM proves to be beneficial even for children. Happiness is savouring a beverage cheerfully with family and friends. The moment becomes more happier and special when the beverage proves to be a sanguine one. So, what are you waiting for ? Specialise your choice with RUBY BADAM.


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